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Alice was very tired.
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Mio, from K-on!

I'm not a very active poster, though as usual, I'm always planning to change that. You'll mostly find me blathering on and on about Harry Potter (RP games I've been in, fests I'm participating in ), crap that I am drawing for monies and the fun surrounding being a professional illustrator... All the boring details of my life that only those that truly love me will care about. Maybe I'll post some of my writing. No promises.

If you want to be added to my friend's list, comment and we'll talk about it. There is a separate filter for just my art posts, so you can feel free to ask to ONLY be included in those posts. I know I'm boring, so I won't be offended.
25th-Mar-2014 12:52 pm - It's the voting hour again.
Voting is up for all brackets of the Elite Eight today. Every single one of the drabbles is really well done. I can't tell you which is mine, obviously. I'm no cheater! But I can tell you I'm in the Ravenclaw bracket, and I really liked my opponent's fic very much!

As an aside, I have been really excited about all the pairings we've had in this fest. It's so great to see so many different couples and ideas. It's like all these Little windows in to what-ifs and supposes. I'm not a person that really has OTPs and I'm proud of our fests wide variety of tastes and imaginings. Well done so far, everyone. I couldn't be writing with a greater group of people than I am right now.

Go visit hp_humpdrabbles and vote. And if you haven't read the past voting brackets where have you even been these past few weeks?, you should give those a read too. They are all really lovely, and I can't believe the talent I'm surrounded with. If I don't make it any farther, I will have been truly honored to have made it so far and in such company. <3
More Mermaid Work. Come see me flail with figuring out how to do this water. lol.
7th-Feb-2014 03:36 pm - Livestreaming at 3:30 PST
Working on stuff. Come watch and chat if you want. :3
5th-Feb-2014 02:27 pm - Livestreaming at 2:30 PST :3
Not working on the mistletoes (though I AM still working on them, but I have to look at something new for a day :D) but I am drawing live, from scratch, which I don't think some of you have seen? If you want, come hang out. I'm making valentines, I think. Or whatever shows up on the canvas.
25th-Jan-2014 04:29 pm - Livestreaming!

First on the list? Kingsley for luvscharlie

Come join me if you like. :3
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